Abiding Vine Vineyard and Winery

Abiding Vine Vineyard and Winery

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Head South for a Taste of Fine Wine

In Laurens, South Carolina lies a vineyard where we grow six varieties of muscadine grapes. On one side of the land sprawling over six and a half acres of lush greenery sits our newly built winery.

We call this place Abiding Vine Vineyard and Winery. This is where we pick, crush, ferment, and bottle the finest red and white wines. Come over and see how we grow three black and three bronze varieties of muscadine.

Sample Our Wines

The white wines are made from Carlos, Magnolia, and Welder variants. On the other hand, the red wines are made from Creek, Noble, and Regale varieties. Take some time to enjoy our wines and the soothing country air. We’d be delighted to have you around.

Wine Tasting Rates (Inclusive of Taxes)

  • One Glass of Muscadine Wine - $6
  • One Muscadine Wine Bottle, Any Selection - $13
  • Wine Tasting, No Glass Included - $6
  • Wine Tasting, With Abiding Vine Vineyard Wine Glass Included - $8

Love Is in the Air

With a picturesque backdrop of lush vineyards and the rustic charm of our winery, our little paradise makes for a great venue for bridal pictures. Make that dream come true by calling us for bookings today.

Special Appointments

We accept requests for private wine tasting appointments. Call us to schedule one today.